Walking in Westport, IrelandOne evening last week in Westport, as my wife shopped I walked the old Railway line that travels from the centre of the town to the Quay.

This was once part of a busy railroad system transporting goods and passengers to and from the docks.  It is now a peaceful corridor for wildlife and walkers. The tarmac on the path is beautifully painted using the Mayo colours,green for the cycling path and red for the walking trail.

The walk starts near the four sided clock where you climb a steep gradient ending at a stone bridge at the very top (known as High Street).  From here the next three miles are a beautiful example of Flora , Fauna and history along the way.

I met a group of young lads and one of them let me use his Glider which is a type of three-wheeled bike.Walking in Westport, Ireland  You just stand on it at the back and move your feet inwards and outwards and it can even go up hills.  Other people I met along the way were an elderly man with a stick walking his dog, while along the verges some horticulturists were sewing plants.

You pass under some old humpbacked bridges and eventually the smell and sight of the Sea can be obtained, and the old grain stores at the quay are clearly visible.  Wildlife spaces within and on the outskirts of towns throughout Ireland are an element of our natural heritage that must be cherished and preserved. 

Thankfully Westport Town Council has recognised this walk’s ecological and recreational value to the extent that they plan to preserve and enhance this important asset to the town.