Walking the Great Western Greenway, MayoWe decided to cycle all and walk a little of  the 18km starting in Mulranny. Some friends joined us and thanks to Suzanne of the Mulranny Park Hotel we were able to hire some bike there.  The track is very smooth and is ideal for a stroll or equally a cycle. It turns and twists between beautiful hedgerows and the stunning Nephin range of mountains.

Just as we left we met Tom Doorly, the famous food critic from the RTE programme (The Kitchen).We asked him to put his helmet on and join us but he was going Cooking.

This walk /cycle is reasonably level and free from all traffic. The railway ties and tracks have been removed and replaced with stone and gravel making it suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.
The railway sleepers have been cleverly used in preventing cars and Quad bikes from entering the route by erecting them in an upright position. The whistles and chugging of the train engine are but a memory but now it is a peaceful corridor for wildlife.

Trekking the Great Western GreenwayAt nearly the halfway mark we were getting very thirsty and spotted Nevins Pub in Tiernaur where we were served two creamy pints and had a chat with some local musicians.

The main N59 road runs parallel to the track and it is lovely to look down at the traffic from a safe distance above.   Further on we came to Burrishoole bridge which is gorgeous .We took some photo’s here before starting our final descent into Newport. Later some fish and chips in Walsh’s restaurant finished off a lovely evening in this much underrated part of Mayo.

Anna Connor & John Whittle form Mayo County Council joined us together with Jean whose company  made the journey very enjoyable. They told us an extension to Westport and Achill was on the cards.

In summary, this line has many fine engineering structures, Gentle gradients and outstanding scenery that has been converted into an off road walking and cycling route-a fitting reminder to the glorious railway era.

Great Western Greenway, Walking IrelandGreat Western Greenway, Walking Ireland







Please remember to respect the wildlife,refrain from littering and leave the wildflowers for others to enjoy.

Great Western Greenway, Walking IrelandGreat Western Greenway, Walking Ireland


Great Western Greenway, Walking IrelandGreat Western Greenway, Walking Ireland