Drummin Wood Walk, Foxford, Co. MayoDistance:  14.5km

Estimated Time:  4 Hours

Trail Waymarking:  Blue

Terrain:  Woodlands, Rural Tracks & Bogs

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate



Drummin Wood Walk, Mayo, IrelandDrummin Wood is a beautiful scenic forest near Foxford in County Mayo.  Managed by Coilte, the government agency responsible for the sustainable management of natural resources, Drummin was originally a broadleaved plantation, which was used to fuel the Foxford Woollen Mills during the First World War. 

Today there is a mixture of coniferous and broadleaf trees including native species of ash, holly and hazel.

Nestled in the glen between the Ox Mountains (Sliamh Gamh) and the lakes of Lough Conn and Lough Cullin with the two mountains of  Nephin and Croagh Patrick as a backdrop, Drummin is a spectacular walking route.  

Drummin Wood Walk, Mayo, Ireland

Walkers may see badgers and hares and by the lakeshore, otters. The Foxford Way, a national Waymarked Way, passes through the north eastern end of the forest.